Goatee Outliner


Discover the perfect tool for your grooming routine with the BeardOptima Goatee Outliner. Available in five distinct sizes, this versatile goatee shaper tool caters to the needs of all beard lovers. Each of our outliner sizes, numbered from 1 to 5, caters to different face shapes and goatee styles, ensuring that you can achieve your ideal look with ease and precision.

The Goatee Outliner boasts a round handle design, allowing a steady hold on the face and facilitating quick and accurate shaping every time. No longer will you need the assistance of a barber for that perfect goatee line-up; our goatee trimming tools provide the convenience of professional styling from the comfort of your home.

Designed to fit the curvature of your face, this goatee outliner kit adapts to your facial structure, offering a bespoke grooming experience. The goatee outliner is the brainchild of a Celebrity Master Barber, assuring a high-quality tool that echoes professional standards.

How to Trim the Perfect Goatee Shape:

1. For best results, start by brushing out your beard to detangle any knots.

2. Then, select the Goatee Outliner of your choice and align it on your face.

3. Proceed to trace around the goatee device with your beard trimmer.

4. To assure a flawless goatee, keep the device steady in one place during the trimming process.

Limited Offer:

Get 15% off our Goatee Outliner Bundle featuring our Smooth Glide Shave Gel and Soother After Shave Balm.

Shipping Information:

BeardOptima offers Standard Delivery via the United States Postal Service. Expect shipping for your order within 2 – 3 business days depending on the destination distance (longer time-in-transit may apply outside the contiguous 48 states). Final tax and shipping costs will be available during checkout.

Achieve a perfectly trimmed goatee every time with BeardOptima's Goatee Outliner, your go-to tool for a stellar grooming experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brandon Boyce

Goatee outliner was easy and clean

Larry Law

Goatee Outliner

Miquel Williams

The liner is good. It provides what I need.

John Edwards
Great product

The is a life saver.

Corey Anderson

This is one of the BEST Outliner by far!!!

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