Beard Outliner


The Beard Outliner, meticulously crafted with two sets of sleek, high-gloss templates, provides the ultimate grooming experience. With a round and square shape included, it's universally designed to complement the curvature of any face, accommodating all facial structures seamlessly.

How to Trim the Perfect Beard Shape:

1. Begin by brushing your beard to remove any knots and prep it for the Beard Outliner.

2. Select the shape of your choice from the Beard Outliner set. Position the device starting from the corner of your mouth, along your cheekbone, all the way up to your ear. For those with a longer facial structure, don't worry if the device surpasses your ear; it's designed to do so.

3. Pay attention to the measurement on the ruler at the end of your ear and the corner of your mouth. This mark should be the same on both sides to ensure symmetry.

4. Apply some pressure on the device to minimize any gap between it and your face. Trace around the device with your beard trimmer.


• Each Beard Outliner set comes with two devices: a round shape and a square shape.

• The devices are labelled 'Left' and 'Right' for hassle-free usage.

• Each device comes embossed with a ruler, enabling the drafting of various beard styles and artistry for optimal grooming.

• All devices feature a round handle, ensuring a steady hold on the face, enabling precision shaping.

Unleash your creative grooming potential with the Beard Outliner, your ultimate partner in beard artistry.

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Customer Reviews

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Works fine.

melvin smallwood

Beard Outliner

Phillip Parham

Beard Outliner

Corey Anderson

Just what I needed and it’s a most have if you want a perfect shape line.

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